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[Shortly after school ends for the day, an announcement from Gelda will go up on the journals.]

Good afternoon, everyone! My name is Gelda Nebilim and I'm one of the resident teachers at the school. I'd like to remind everyone that classes are open to anyone who may want to attend. We offer a variety of courses, so if one in particular interests you, you're welcome to come in and see what it's about. If you're interested, or if you have any questions, please let one of us know. We'll be pleased to have you with us!

That said, I'd like to make a special announcement! Our World Sharing classes have been gearing towards this project as of late, but we're aware that other villagers have shown an interest in this as well. Therefore, I'd like to invite every resident who wishes to participate to sign up for their own booth and help us present Luceti's First Cultural Fair! It will be an event showing off food, games, history and any other creative cultural displays from your own world. Further details, such as the location of the fair, will be finalized later. With all of the discussion involving visits to other worlds, we believe that the last weekend of April will be a good date for us to work toward. If you're interested, or curious, you're welcome to join us in our World Sharing classes, or even set up discussions on your own time.

[[OOC: Now, for some handy links. Cultural Fair OOC info and discussions and OOC sign-ups for the standard classes.]]
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It's my sad duty to inform you all that Frederic Chopin and his housemate, Feliks, have been sent home. [She pauses for a moment, then adds:] I believe Feliks may have been better known as Poland. Both will be greatly missed.

In light of Sir Chopin's departure, the local school is in search of a new music teacher. If anyone is interested in accepting the job, please contact either myself or Professor Sage.

On that note, I would like to remind all students that classes are back in session starting Monday the 9th of January.

[[OOC: School sign-ups can be found here on our shiny new DW comm.]]
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I hope all the new arrivals have been settling in nicely.

If I may have your attention for a moment, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Gelda Nebilim and I'm one of the teachers at the local school. Classes are in session from 9 am to 2:30 pm. We offer a variety of courses, which you may have seen in the guide, but I'll be happy to explain more about them.

If you'd like to register as a student, you're welcome to stop by and take the placement exam with us, for subjects such as Math, Science and Composition. We also encourage adults and students alike to attend the World Sharing classes, as well as the Music and Magic classes, which are open to everyone so we can get to know one another better, and learn more about the respective worlds we come from.

For now, I'll gladly answer any questions you may have.

[OOC: The Luceti School community can be found here, and signing your character up as a student OOCly can be done right here!]


[Anyone passing by house #27 on this lovely Sunday afternoon will find Gelda outside in the snow. She's building snowmen in her yard. It starts with just one, but another soon follows. And another. And another...

It may seem strange for a grown woman to be building an army of snowmen, but she just can't stop herself. The snow is having a profound effect on her. It's comforting to be outside in the numbing cold, keeping herself busy with something she used to do in Keterburg all the time. There won't be any extreme differences between the snowmen. They'll all look like your average, pebble-smiled jolly men, with vases for hats and scarves that Gelda knitted herself.]
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[Gelda had already awoken in the appropriate costume yesterday, but it took a while longer for the role to fully hit her. In a burst of inspiration, she picks up her journal for a public query.]

Does anyone have any information the great wizard of Luceti? I'm sure I've heard of him somewhere before. He's supposed to be powerful, but very mysterious. Powerful enough to grant any wish. He might know of a way to get us all home. [She can't believe no one has thought of this before.]

If someone knows where I might find him, please get back to me.

[Action for the Wizard of Oz crew]

[About an hour later, Gelda will set out on her journey. She's dressed like this, carrying a basket of food to sustain her along the way, and in search of the proper road to follow. Who will join her on her quest?]

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Sep. 10th, 2011 09:54 pm
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[At long last, Gelda has returned to her normal age and regained the memories that go with it. Sadly, the effects of the experiment still leave some 'marks'. For one, she's still dressed in her Oracle Knight uniform when she awakens in the library. She'd dozed off after much extensive reading and notetaking.

As she regains consciousness and regards the scene around her, memories of the past few weeks surface as though they happened years ago. Along with it comes a feeling of deep shame as she flips through her research notes and starts stacking the books to return them to their proper shelves. Her younger self was so arrogant and thirsty for knowledge that not even being taken to a different world would deter her from delving into the Planetary Fonic Arte and the catalyst weapons. How close had she come to making the same mistake all over again? Her eyes fall on a piece of paper depicting a fonic glyph and she hastily crumples it in her fist. She will have to dispose of all this later.

Once she's cleared up the mess she's made in the library, she hurries home to apologize to a certain fiancée of hers. Then she needs to send out a message through her journal. Later in the day, she can be found in the backyard of house #27, burning shreds of paper in the pit that's usually used for firing her pottery.]

[Filtered to Raine, Dist and Nephry / 90% unhackable] )
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[A woman is wandering into the village of Luceti. A woman with white hair, dressed in a rather official-looking uniform. She will look familiar to some.

Why yes, it's Gelda Nebilim, back from her kidnapping. She's younger than before, though. Six (Auldrant) years younger, to be exact. Now 23 years old, Gelda is a Locrian Colonel in the Oracle Knights- and a rather notorious one at that. She was recently assigned to the Planetary Fonic Arte project and is quite used to coming face-to-face with death.

Arriving in Luceti has left her rather bewildered. Her Score had said nothing about traveling to a foreign location. Nor had it said anything that would refer to wings. As far as she knew, it'd been foretold that she would continue her work as usual and nothing out of the ordinary would happen in the upcoming weeks. So why...?

Most of her time will be spent exploring the village. If you are nearby, she will stride up to you and demand answers. That doesn't mean people can't approach her while she's taking in her surroundings, though.]

[[OOC: Responses will come from [ profile] demon_colonel!]]

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May. 20th, 2011 08:01 pm
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Good afternoon, Luceti. Looks like the village is bustling with energy again. My name is Gelda Nebilim and I'm one of the local teachers. If any of you New Feathers have a question about the school, feel free to ask me.

Now then, it seems I'm running out of space in my crafts room, so I've decided to give away some of the things I've created over the years.

[She turns on the journal's video function and holds it up, slowly revolving to show assorted pottery, much like this, except with a bit more variety.]

They're mostly pots and bowls, though I've also tried my hand at making small clay statues of animals. The pottery is decorative and not to be used as actual functional wares, as the firing technique I applied leaves the material porous and I'm unable to apply a proper glazing to it. If anyone is interested in taking some of it off my hands, by all means, let me know.


[And later that day, Gelda is out on the streets, carrying an umbrella as she makes her way through the rain. She needed to get out and stretch her legs, despite the lousy weather. Ever since she realized she's been in Luceti for over three years, she's found that she just can't sit still anymore. Now she's trying to keep herself busy with whatever hobby or work she can find. Gardening, cleaning, sewing Regal's outfit for the wedding...

She's headed for house #1 to pay a visit to Nephry and Dist. (Little does she know that Dist isn't really staying there for the moment.) Anyone is free to stop her along the way.]
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Welcome to Luceti, all you New Feathers. My name is Gelda Nebilim, I'm one of the teachers at the local school. We teach a variety of subjects and classes are open to everyone, so if you're interested in attending, feel free to let me know. I'll gladly answer any questions you may have.

However, I also have a question. Is there anyone currently in Luceti who has the power to perform a wedding? A member of a church, perhaps? It doesn't matter which world you originate from. Please, speak up.

And while I am on the subject, I'm curious. How do wedding ceremonies take place in other worlds? What sort of customs does everyone have? I'm sure every culture has their own unique take on marriage.
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My, there certainly are a lot of New Feathers coming in, aren't there? Welcome to Luceti! I'm sure there are more of you yet to come, but I'd like to take this opportunity for a quick announcement anyway.

My name is Gelda Nebilim and I'm one of the teachers at the local school. You may have read about the school in Professor Sage's guide for New Feathers. If not, then I'll be glad to tell you more about it. After a brief winter break, classes were once again resumed in the first week of January, but don't let that stop you from enlisting now. Students are free to sign up for classes whenever they like. All it takes is a quick test that will help us determine your skills.

If you have any questions, by all means, feel free to speak up.

[There's a bit of a pause, here.]

Oh, and Saphir? Can I have a word with you, please? [...] In person.

[[OOC: Here is more OOC information about the school and here is the OOC sign-up post! If you'd like your character to attend classes, please be sure to respond to the sign-up post!]]
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[Today, Gelda can be found wandering the village. She's going to be making a few stops. Raine's house, for one. Next, she'll go check up on Nephry and Dist. Later that afternoon, she visits the bar to see if Guy is there.

Of course, she isn't going to be spending all her time visiting her friends. Despite the numbing cold, she pauses her walking when she passes the fountain and turns to stare blankly into the water. It's amazing how something that was intended to be a gesture of love can throw her off so badly. It's been three days and she still hasn't decided on an answer. She can't leave Regal hanging for much longer, but once she makes her decision it has to be final.

To anyone who passes her, it'll be clear something's bothering her. She can't go home until she's certain of what she wants to do.]
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[On this dreary autumn day, Gelda is out for a walk, accompanied by a peppy little dog. Some people may wonder since when Gelda has a dog. Technically, she doesn't. This cute puppy belongs to Luceti's favorite idol, Miu Matsuoka. Gelda's adopted the role of dogsitter until Miu returns from her kidnapping.

Satake certainly seems happy to be out, despite the weather. He's anxiously tugging at his leash and sniffing whatever they pass. As for Gelda, she's just happy to have a distraction from all these recent kidnappings. Miu, Nephry... Raine was just returned, Haruki was sent home... In fact, it seems a lot of people are being sent home. It's starting to make her just a bit restless.

She's snapped out of her thoughts again when Satake tries to lift his leg against a nearby house.]

Satake, no! Bad dog!

[Satake lowers his leg again, giving her an innocent look in response. She sighs, shaking her head with a smile.]

It seems some pets do start to take after their owners. ... Come on, let's go find you a nice tree instead.
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[After classes end, Gelda's in her office, staring out the window. The weather is slowly taking a turn for the worse again and the sky in particular is looking rather dreary. She sighs, before reaching for her journal.]

I'm glad to see everyone made it back to the village in one piece. Let's hope things will calm down for a while. It's the perfect time of the year to sit back and relax with a hot cup of tea, after all. I could certainly use a break to regain my energy. Teaching all the students at the same time is quite the task. [A brief pause.] Perhaps we should consider getting a substitute teacher for these kind of situations.

And with Halloween drawing closer, I'm looking forward to everyone's essays about infamous ghost stories and legends.

[[OOC: This past week, Gelda was in charge of all the classes, so for student characters who had been attending class, everyone got the same assignment. It's an essay that compares ghost stories from your own worlds. Students who had been absent will be filled in once they attend as well. It's "due" on Monday the 25th. While players don't actually have to write the essay, it's hopefully fun discussion fodder for characters.]]
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For all of you who are interested in attending school, Professor Sage and I will be reopening classes next week. I must stress, for all you newcomers, that while school isn't mandatory, one can benefit greatly from it. We've had students from all sorts of worlds share their stories and it's a great way to make new friends. Knowledge can be one's greatest treasure.

Anyone interested can join us at the school building on Monday morning, around nine o'clock. Just like last year, there will be a standard exam so Professor Sage and I will know what to expect from everyone's current level of education. Everyone will be assigned to a class based on their results on Tuesday morning. Incidentally, that's also when the first real lessons will start. School supplies can be found in the store, and from what I've seen, there's actually a bit of a variety in them.

We hope to see you there!

[[OOC: Again, here's the OOC entry about the school for more information and a student list! Be sure to check it out if you haven't already.]]
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[After a rude awakening in the barracks by Simon to discover the village is slowly patching itself up, Gelda's heading back to house #27 to check up on her housemates- Both the temporary ones and the usual. There's something strange going on today, that much is certain, but she can't quite put her finger on it just yet.

Of course, those who're familiar with Gelda will realize she looks a bit odd herself. She's wearing something similar to an army uniform and seems a bit more fit than usual. Feel free to run into her while she's heading home and ask her about this strange attire.

When she gets home, the first thing she'll do is check up on Nephry, Dist and Anise. If there is something strange going on, they may be affected as well.]

[[AU info here!]]
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[Today, Gelda awoke to a bright, sunny morning and as the afternoon approached, she soon came to the realization the temperature was only increasing further. Summer is creeping nearer, as are the accompanying heatwaves and her promise to go swimming with Regal. There's really no excuse to postpone this any longer.

That's why, early in the afternoon, Gelda Nebilim can be found in the clothing store, looking at swimsuits and bikinis with a mild frown. When one's from a freezing climate like Keterburg's, swimming is a bit of a foreign way to pass the time.

Alternatively, a bit later she can be found sitting on the fountain's ledge in the plaza, enjoying the feel of the cool water on her fingers.]

~ 25

Apr. 8th, 2010 07:27 pm
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[It's about time for Gelda to check up on Regal again. His recovery's a slow one, but there's definitely been improvement since he was returned last week. A bowl of homemade soup in both hands and her journal clamped underneath her arm, she'll be heading up the stairs. Sadly, recent events have left Gelda a bit more distraught than she'd like to admit. Before she fully realizes what's going on, the journal slips out from underneath her arm and hits the stairs with a bang, leaving her so startled that the soup bowl soon follows its example and bounces all the way down to the first floor. Much to Gelda's displeasure, the journal is ready to record this mishap.]

[Accidental voice]


[Bang, bang, bang, smash.]

... Oh honestly.
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[Filtered to Asch and Luke / 95% unhackable] )

[Filtered to Regal / 50% unhackable] )


[Indeed, Gelda can be found heading for the grocery store on this fine day. She'll probably make a stop by the bakery to visit Regal while she's at it, so basically she'll be all over the village. It's awfully chilly outside, which is why she's bundled up nicely. Without a scarf, you just might die. Or catch a cold, anyway.

Feel free to stop her for conversation if you'd like.]
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[The following is voiced with considerable lack of enthusiasm. Rather, it even sounds like this announcement is a chore.]

Now that the weather is slowly improving, Professor Sage and I have decided to resume classes. I expect to see you all in class today. [Sigh.] Also, considering you've had two additional weeks to work on your essays, I'm sure they'll... meet the requirements.

[Another sigh. Then, suddenly, her voice perks up.]

I wonder if I'd make a good waitress.

~ 22

Dec. 22nd, 2009 10:31 pm
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For those of you who haven't been to school today, I'd like to repeat an important announcement. Tomorrow will be the last day of class until Monday the 11th of January. You've all earned a nice break and I'm sure everyone would rather stay home during this immense cold. Enjoy your time off, but don't forget to do your homework. I'd like you all to write an essay on winter weather in your home world. Two pages minimum. If your world doesn't have winter, feel free to write about a similar season, or why you believe your world wouldn't suffer from those sort of extreme weather conditions.


[Gelda's crouched outside the school building, molding snow into small white balls of munition. There's already a heap lying next to her, but she's continuing to produce more of them. Looks like she's planning a snowball fight. With who? Well, anyone who accepts the challenge, really. She's up for normal conversation too, so don't let the snowballs stop you from approaching her.]
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[One of our resident school teachers has just finished one of those important household tasks we must all face: grocery shopping. Of course, it's not so much shopping as stocking, considering the lack of a cash register in every store. Gelda's making her way back to her house, carrying two large bags filled to the brim with an assortment of groceries. Are they heavy? Yes. Yes, they are. She isn't going to complain, but if one were to offer her a hand, she wouldn't say no.

(hint hint)]
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Now, I'd like to announce our new school project. You will be graded for this, of course, but most of all it is a learning experience. All the practical knowledge you gain may very well be put to use in the future. You see...

[She reaches down to pick up a small basket, placing it on the desk before her. What's inside the basket, you wonder? It's eggs. A lot of them. They aren't boiled or anything of the sort.]

For an entire week, you all will be proud parents. These [she indicates the eggs again.] will be your frail, loved children. You may name them, dress them or even try to feed them. As long as your child is still in one piece next Thursday, you pass the project. Of course, one can never become a parent on their own, which is why I've taken the liberty of assigning you all a partner. Both of you will have to cooperate and take it in turns to care for your baby. That is the trick behind parenting, after all. Stella, already being a proud mother herself, is exempt from the project and will be giving a guest lecture early next week.

When I call your names, you will come forth and take one 'child' out of the basket. Once you've all had your turn, I'd like you to take a while to get to know your partner better and make some agreements on the ways you feel this project should be handled.

The happy couples )

Any questions? If not, feel free to start planning child care with your partner. You have fifteen minutes.

[[OOC: The pairings were randomly selected by me, mostly according to age. Whenever there was a third person left in one of the categories, they'd be placed with one of the younger couples in that same category. If I forgot your character, or you see any mistakes, let me know!]]
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[As promised, here's the big start of the new schoolyear action post! Students, feel free to comment here. Characters can interact before or after taking the big test, either in the hallway or the classroom. Heck, you can even post about what your character is doing during the test. Are they cheating by trying to glance at their neighbour's paper, or perhaps sharpening their pencil so fervently there soon won't be anything left? Do they burst into the room, ten minutes late? You name it. Bear in mind, after taking the test your character is forced to leave the room and wait for classmates in the hallway.

Basically, have fun with this and if you need the teacher's help for something, simply ask for it.]

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Aug. 10th, 2009 03:30 pm
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[Filtered to Kamui / 80% unhackable] )

[Filtered to Raine / 80% unhackable] )

[Filtered to Jade and Dist / 85% unhackable] )


[Considering it's such a nice day outside, Gelda has taken a chair and is sitting in the shade in front of house #27. She found an interesting book in the library to waste some time with. You can tell her attention isn't quite on the pages, though. Feel free to bug her, considering she hasn't been around all too much these past few weeks.]

~ 17

Jun. 16th, 2009 09:57 am
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[Private // 88% unhackable] )

I faintly remember someone asking about Father's Day last month. In case they're still interested, it's supposedly set on the third Sunday of June. In this case, that would be next Sunday; the 21st. It has the same basic principle as Mother's Day, really. Pay an homage to your father, by giving him a present or simply spending a bit more time with him.

Troublesome holiday in a place like Luceti, but keeping one's parents in mind should be enough to pay them your respects.


May. 10th, 2009 01:22 pm
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According both the calendar and my memory from last year, it seems today is Mother's Day. A wonderful way to pay homage to those who gave birth to us, even if they aren't with us right now. Were it not for them, we wouldn't even be here today. I'm sure this applies not only to biological mothers, but virtually any mother figure in your life.

Now that a lot of this month's New Feathers have started getting settled, I hope to see the younger ones attending school soon. Participation isn't obligatory, of course. However, I find that the classes are always worthwhile. There isn't a day when I don't learn more interesting tidbits about other worlds. Of course, aside from students, we're also more than willing to accept new teachers at any time.


[If Gelda's housemate were to take a peek inside her room, he'd find her sitting on the bed, a faint smile tugging at her lips. She's looking at the Mother's Day card Chrome gave her last year.

And of course, anyone else is free to visit if they feel the need to bother her.]


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