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Name:Gelda Nebilim
[Played by [ profile] meowzy_chan/[personal profile] madonnya!

This journal was previously found on Livejournal as [ profile] fonon_professor and previously played in [community profile] luceti!]

Name: Gelda Nebilim.
Fandom: Tales of the Abyss.
Gender: Female.
Time Period: Post-death.
Age: 28. (born ND 1966)
In-depth Synopse: Gelda Nebilim is a kind woman and capable Fonist, most renowned for her use of the Seventh Fonon. A rare capability, which allows her to use healing magic. With her vast knowledge of Fonic Artes, she had already become Locrian Colonel and commander of her own division in ND 1989, at the age of twenty three. Her ruthless nature gained her the title of Demon Colonel. She was then appointed the head of a secret project by Fon Master Evenos himself- She was to research the Planetary Fonic Arte and the Planetary Arte Catalysts; Six weapons that shared the power of Rem and Shadow, the Fonons of Light and Darkness.

In ND 1991, disaster struck. An experiment with the Planetary Fonic Arte went awry and several Oracle Knights died at her hands. That was when she gave up on the Order of Lorelei. She destroyed her research, quit her job as an Oracle Knight and resigned to live in Keterburg, the city where she was raised, where she opened up a private school. Here, she taught two young prodigies; Jade Balfour and Saphir Neis. She also tutored Jade's sister, Nephry, and the young Peony the Ninth. Peony was the future emperor of Malkuth, who had been forced to live in Keterburg during his childhood and regularly snuck out of his mansion to play with his friends. Gelda cared for her students very much, treating them as her own children. In turn, her four favorite pupils had a great deal of respect for her.Her life was ended quite suddenly when Jade, insisting on using the Seventh Fonon even though he lacked the ability, accidentally set her house on fire. The injuries she sustained were lethal. Along with Saphir, Jade managed to carry her body to the outskirts of village. He thought that, using fomicry, he could make a replica of their beloved professor before she died. However, this went horribly wrong. The replica which was created turned out to be unstable and insane. She killed a man, before fleeing the scene in search of the Fonons of Rem and Shadow, which would “complete” her. After a massive killing spree, the replica was sealed away in a cave near Mount Roneal.


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